Ould Cheikh: all Parties impede political olution

Ould Cheikh: all Parties impede political olution

The UN envoy to Yemen, Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed, departed Sana'a on Monday heading to Saudi capital Riyadh to meet with Yemeni government delegation for the negotiations.


OUld Cheikh will discuss the delegation's objections to the UN roadmap which was put forward a few days ago and aims to put an end to the conflict escalating since the spring of 2015.


Before departing, Ould Cheikh made a brief statement to reporters at Sana'a International Airport accusing all Yemeni parties of "impeding" the political solution. Ould Cheikh noted that he was leaving to Riyadh to meet with President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi and the government's delegation in order to put forth the roadmap.

It is worth mentioning that the UN envoy arrived in Sana'a last Thursday in a five-days visit, during which he met the delegation of the Houthis and Saleh's party.


According to informed sources, the Houthis are demanding substantial amendments in the roadmap, and raised their demands by calling for the urgent need for President Hadi's resignation and staying completely away from the political scene to take place shortly before the signing on the roadmap.


On the other side, the Prime Minister, Ahmed Obaid Bin Daghr, declared that the government "has accepted to receive the roadmap", but has reservations on its content."

To this regard as well, the legitimate government has mobilized its supporters in a number of governorates under its control and protesters demonstrated in rejection of this roadmap, saying it serves the interests of the Houthis and the former president Ali Abdullah Saleh.


Earlier, sources reviewed the ''Ould Cheikh'' roadmap have told Anatolia News Agency that the roadmap marginalizes Hadi's future role, as it provides for the appointment of a Vice President with all powers of the president.


The roadmap also, according to sources, states that the Vice President will assign a national dignitary to form a National Unity Government, while Hadi remains a honorary President until a presidential elections are held, a year after the signing on the peace deal.

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