Ongoing clashes in Taiz, Houthis arrest teachers

Ongoing clashes in Taiz, Houthis arrest teachers

The confrontations flared up again between the National Army forces backed up by the Popular Resistance against the Houthi militant and Saleh's forces, western Taiz governorate.


Field sources told Almasdaronline that the clashes broke out in Alsayar and Alsayrteen villages east of Alselw area, after an attack waged by the Houthis to regain control over the two villages.


At the same time, the Houthis are continuing shelling with heavy artillery and Katyusha rockets the locations of the National Army southwest of Taiz. In another context, the Houthis arrested on Monday six teachers in Alwazeyah District, western Taiz City.


The sources pointed out that the Houthis arrested the six teachers while they were meeting the salaries committee appointed by the Houthis.

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