5 Saudi civilians injured in Houthi bombing on Twal City

5 Saudi civilians injured in Houthi bombing on Twal City

 The Saudi Civil Defense announced on Tuesday that five Saudi civilians were injured by artillery bombing launched by Houthi militants and forces loyal to former President Ali Abdullah Saleh targeting Twal City of Jizan.


The spokesman of the Civil Defense in Jizan, Yahya al-Qahtani, said that the civil defense teams received a tip about the fall of military projectiles launched by the Houthi elements from Yemen on Twal City.


"The projectiles resulted in the injury of five citizens taken to hospital, while a mosque and three cars were damaged," the spokesman added.

It is worth to mention that the Houthis have been waging intense bombing on Saudi cities, which often result in casualties.


In August of last year, the shelling reached its peak recording the largest number of deaths and injuries because of the bombing waged by the Houthi militants and Saleh forces; as 17 soldiers from the coalition forces (13 Saudis, 4 Emiratis) were killed, out of 65 killed since the start of the military operation.

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