Government forces kill 20 Al-Qaida elements in Hadramout

Government forces kill 20 Al-Qaida elements in Hadramout

A military source said on Tuesday that 20 Al-Qaeda gunmen were killed in fierce confrontations against government forces in Gidhah Town, west of Mukalla City in Hadramout Governorate, southeastern Yemen.


The source told Almasdaronline that military forces from the Hadrami Elite Forces attacked Gidhah Town after al-Qaeda militants have attempted to assemble and fortify in it.

"The Elite Forces fought fierce confrontations for nearly 20 hours using heavy and medium weapons against dozens of gunmen belonging to Al-Qaida, who have begun to regroup in Qidha Albahish area," the source added, The source noted that the forces attacked the sites and hideouts of al-Qaeda militants in the rural area, where they were sheltering for nearly a week, and were monitored by the intelligence services.


"During the confrontations, at least 20 al-Qaeda gunmen were killed, others were injured, and dozens were arrested, while a number of military forces members were injured," added the source.


The military forces had seized control over Mukalla City in last April after it was controlled by extremist militants for almost a year.

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