TV cameraman injured, reporters crew survived death in Taiz

TV cameraman injured, reporters crew survived death in Taiz

 A local TV channel cameraman was injured and a crew of reporters escaped death on Wednesday after being besieged in Alselw south of Taiz Governorate, southwestern Yemen. One of the colleagues in Taiz City told Almasdaronline that "the cameraman of Bilqis TV Channel was injured by a Houthi sniper, while the reporter and the crew of the "Yemen Shabab" TV channel survived the death after being besieged for hours.


The crew were on a mission to cover the events in Alselw area of Taiz Governorate. It is worth to mention that fierce fighting has been flaring up in Alselw area since two weeks between the Government forces backed by the Popular Resistance from one side and Houthi militants and Saleh forces on the other side in an attempt to control the area which is the highest area southern Taiz Governorate.


Unfortunately, the journalists are the category most affected by the war, where 16 journalists have been killed since the outbreak of the war, according to a statistic issued by the Yemeni Journalists Union, two of whom were killed in Taiz Governorate.

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