Yemen Central Bank Governor instructs paying all state salaries

Yemen Central Bank Governor instructs paying all state salaries

Governor of the Central Bank of Yemen, Munasar Al Qu'aiti, has issued instructions for the payment of salaries of the state staff in all Yemen governorates, including those under the control of Houthi group and Saleh forces.


Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper in Saudi Arabia reported that that the Governor instructed the CBY general managers and branch managers to urgently commit to the payment of the full salaries of state employees around the republic without any reduction or diminution.


He also pointed out that the payment process will be in accordance with the ordinary salarieslists and the instructions of the Minister of Finance.


The Governor stressed that, "those procedures will include all various transactions of the CBY including the payment of salaries, government pensions, domestic and foreign banking operations, monthly closing reports, control and supervision of local banks, as well as managing the financial and administrative affairs".


These instructions come amid ongoing non-payment of the public sectors employees' salaries and other dues for three months, due to the lack of financial liquidity.

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