Source: PM and other ministers arrive in Mareb

Source: PM and other ministers arrive in Mareb

The Yemeni Prime Minister Ahmed Obaid ben Daghr accompanied by other ministers arrived on Tuesday in Marib city east of the capital Sana'a coming from the Saudi capital Riyadh, according to a government source.


This visit by the government delegation for Mareb city, which is the stronghold of the government forces, the Popular Resistance forces and the Saudi-led Arab Coalition Forces, comes as part of the arrangements conducted by the government to normalize the situations in the liberated governorates.


The PM ben Daghr is accompanying by each of the Vice PM and Minister of Civil Service Abdul Aziz Jubari, the Minister of Electricity and Power Abdullah Al Akwa, Minister of Health Nasser Ba Aom, Mayor of the Capital Abdul Ghani Jamil, Chairman of the Political Security Bureau Abdu Al Hudhaifi, Vice Minister of Oil and Minerals Ahmad Ba Sarih, and the Government Spokesman Rajeh Badi.

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