Central Bank Governor: "bank notes to be provided in two months"

Central Bank Governor: "bank notes to be provided in two months"

 Yemen Central Bank Governor, Munasar Al Quaiti, said on Thursday  that there are determined efforts to print the banknotes and make them available, as well as paying the pending obligations and entitlements in the near future, or within no later than two months. 


In a meeting with the Bank's Board of Directors in the interim capital Aden, south of the country,  Munasar Al Quaiti said that the bank will ensure the availability of the banknotes and will activate the role of the State institutions so that the public revenues are supplied to the government account in Aden. 


Al Quaiti added that the government has transferred the General Fund to the Central Bank in Aden, but the revenues are not flowing yet.



"The meeting discussed the work flow in the CBY headquarters, and the arrangements to be taken to reorganize and restructure the work, in addition to the relationship between the headquarters of the bank in Aden and its branches in other governorates," according to Yemen news agency "Saba". 


The meeting also touched on outcomes of the Governor's visit to a number of companies specialized in printing banknotes and their offers , as well as the agreements signed on to print the banknotes, according to Saba news agency. 


The meeting also discussed the outcomes of the communication with the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT), through its headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, and its regional office in Dubai, UAE.


The Governor Al Quiati emphasized that Bank Board of Directors has developed an operational timed action plan for all its decisions and work plans. 


Saba news agency also quoted Al Quaiti as saying: "there is a financing gap in the state budget, and the payment of salaries is the responsibility of the government, not the central bank, but the bank will cover the deficit upon the availability of financial liquidity."

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