Huothis authorities kidnap Arab residents in Hodeidah

Huothis authorities kidnap Arab residents in Hodeidah

The Huothi militias have kidnapped Arab residents mid last week and put them in prison in Hodeida city, western Yemen.


According to Almasderonline reporter, the Houthi militias, which controls Hodeida city, have waged on Monday a kidnapping campaign against Arab residents from different nationalities, including Egyptians working in barber shops, and transfered them to the Castle, which was turned into a prison.


The reporter added that the kidnapping campaign was carried out without giving any reasons for it, except some gunmen ado about resident visas expiry. 


However, the reporter pointed  out that these Arab residents were saying in Yemen officially since several years, and also have work permits from the competent authority. 


It is worth mentioning that Houthi militias have been controlling Hodeida costal city since two years and has been abducting its opponents.

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