Pro-Houthi gunmen killed, others injured in Ibb Governorate

Pro-Houthi gunmen killed, others injured in Ibb Governorate


Two pro-Houthi gunmen were killed and another one injured by an unknown gunman on Friday in Ibb city, central of Yemen.


According to the Almasdaronline reporter, a gunman opened the fire on the security guards of Ashraf al Salahi, a pro-Houthi Shiekh, killing two members and injuring another one seriously.  


Almasdaronline reporter quoted local residents as saying that the gunman attacked the security guards while they were outside the house of Sheikh al Salahi in Alwaziyah neighborhood on Friday afternoon.


Its noteworthy mentioning that this incident comes amid security chaos in the governorate which is under the control of the Houthi rebel, as well as other conflicts between local Houthis and other Houthis who came to the area from the far north of Yemen.


The bloody clashes have increased in the governorate and they usually result from conflicts in interests among influential persons related to the Houthi group, and are involved in blackmailing and robbing public and private properties.

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