Taiz: Two women killed by Houthis

Taiz: Two women killed by Houthis

He killed two women and wounded another civilian, Saturday, sniper fire and rocket-Huthi militants group and forces loyal to former President Ali Abdullah Saleh, west of the city of Taiz, East As Silw District south of the province.


A local source told «Online Source», said the armed Houthi sniper toxicity happy future commander of the 24-year-old in a village east of Alahud As Silw District, in the latest incident of sniping and shelling of civilian homes in the area.


He added that the rebels bombed civilian targets in the eastern outskirts of Asalo area, and the valley and the Directorate of Razan Khadder.

In a related development, government forces repulsed an attack on the Houthis in the village of East Chiar Directorate.


In the city of Taiz province bearing the same name center, bombarding the Houthis in favor of the east and west of the city neighborhoods and forces, and it led to casualties among Almdnyinn.


He said human rights source told «Online Source», said Samra, Mohammed Ali al-Izzi, 65, was killed, and wounded her husband Ali Abdullah Kassim, 70, and Bilal Abdullah Ali 10 years due to a shell landed on their house in Casablanca neighborhood at Beir Basha west of Taiz.


He pointed out that the shell sourced Houthi positions north of the city. And continuing heavy fighting between government forces and rebels east of the city, said sources in the field that the two militants were killed Huthi, in calling for neighborhood parties.


The sources pointed to the arrival of reinforcements consisting of 100 personnel and vehicle pmp cannon and p10, and Tqman next to the Ibn Sina hospital to the parties to call for the neighborhood.

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