15 militants killed, Houthis appeal for reinforcement in Hajja

15 militants killed, Houthis appeal for reinforcement in Hajja

The Government Fifth Military Region Media Centre declared on Monday that 15 militants of the Houthi and Saleh forces were killed and 11 others injured in fighting with the coalition forces in Midi city, northwestern Yemen.


The Media Center posted on facebook that the coalition fighters have also bombed Houthi positions and destroyed two military vehicles and a cannon.


The Centre pointed out that fierce fighting also flared up between the Houthi and allied forces with the government and coalition forces, in the outskirts of Midi city, and that dozens were killed.


The Centre quoted eyewitnesses as saying that two pickup trucks have reached the hospital in Khiran area on Sunday loaded with dead bodies for Houthi militants killed during the previous two days in Midi.


On the one hand, the Houthi group is appealing, under the "Nakaf" term, for the tribesmen in Hajja governorate to back its fronts after heavy losses. The tribal "Nakaf" is a call among the tribes to rally to support the oppressed.


However, the response to these calls has decreased considerably and the tribes no longer send their sons to the "death" fronts, as quoted by the Media Centre.

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