Civilian died of Houthis torture in Hodeida city

Civilian died of Houthis torture in Hodeida city

Another civilian has died under the brutal torture practiced by the Houthi and allied forces in Hodeida city west of Yemen, on prisoners, according to medical sources.
Almasdaronline reporter has quoted reliable medical sources as saying that the Houthi militants informed on Wednesday the family of "Suleiman Yahya Suleiman Saleh" to collect his dead body from the Military Hospital.
Suleiman was kidnapped late last April from his house in Deer Al Daam area of al Meghlaf district, northern Hodeida, by the Houthi militants, leaded by the field commander Abu Hashim.

Sources in Suleiman's family stated that he was subjected to various forms of torture.

It is worth to mention that Sleiman, who was a medical staff at the medical centre in his village, is not the first victim of the Houthi brutal torture on prisoners, as others have died in the same way, while the Houthis do not listen to the repeated calls to stop the torture on prisoners.

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