Child killed, 5 injured in bombardment in Taiz

Child killed, 5 injured in bombardment in Taiz

A child was killed and 5 others injured by Houthi and Saleh forces bombing on residential neighborhoods in Taiz city, southwestern Yemen.


A local source told Almasdaronline that the 15 year-old Ayman Yousof Ahmed was killed and 5 other civilians injured by a Houthi shell on Al Nor city, western Taiz city.


Another source added that a Houthi Katyusha has fallen in Al Mawaset area but did not cause any casualties.


In a relevant context, a source in the 35th Armored Brigade told Almasdaronline that the Houthi and Saleh forces were firing Katyusha rockets on the villages north and west of Al Selw district, southern Taiz, from their locations in Warzan Valley and Al Sharaf area.

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