Deaths and injuries among Houthis in Taiz 

Deaths and injuries among Houthis in Taiz 

9 elements of the Houthi and Saleh forces were killed and others wounded on Sunday in confrontations in Taiz, southwest of Yemen, according to the Poplar Resistance.


In a statement, the Media Centre of the Poplar Resistance stated that 6 elements of its fighters and the government forces were also wounded in these confrontations.




It is noteworthy that sporadic clashes, mostly during the night, are flaring up between the Houthi amd pro-Houthi forces with the government and pro-government forces at the eastern area of the governorate, through which the Houthi and allied forces try to advance, but are being repelled by the government forces. 


In another context, Maj. Gen. Khaled Fadhel, Commander of Taiz Military Region, has met with the leaders of the JMPs in the governorate to discuss the overall security and military situation and developments inside Taiz city and at all battlefronts.  


Fadhel stressed on ''the urgent need for teamwork in collaboration with all the entities and parties to overcome the current burdens and to move forward to free Taiz governorate from the coup militias, as well as to activate the state institutions. "

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