Spokesman: Yemeni government starts paying military forces salaries

Spokesman: Yemeni government starts paying military forces salaries

The government spokesman said that the Yemeni government started on Wednesday dismemberment of salaries of the military and security forces in the third, sixth, and seventh military regions.


The government spokesman, Rajeh Badi, said that the committees assigned to pay the salaries will be coordinating with the Army General Staff and other specialized committees and cadres from the Ministry of Finance, until the Defense and Interior ministries regain their administrative and financial structures which collapsed because of the coup.


''This is the first time the Yemeni government is able to pay the salaries for all Yemeni army staff in implementation of its promise made upon transferring the Central Bank operations to the temporary capital Aden," the Spokesman added.


The spokesman pointed out that this step comes despite the obstacles posed by the Houthi group, most important of which was keeping a parallel central bank as well as taking and wasting hundreds of billions that was in the Central Bank before they take it over.


The spokesman also called on the military soldiers and officers to cooperate with the assigned committees that are working in accordance with a timed plan, empowered with all powers, and have enough money for all.

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