Saleh complains of Houthis, appeals to Kuwait's mediation with KSA

Saleh complains of Houthis, appeals to Kuwait's mediation with KSA

The dispute between the Houthi group and the party of former president Saleh has floated on the surface after Saleh had launched a scathing attack on the Houthi armed group by saying they remove his party's cadres from the public positions.


In a meeting with his party's representatives in the so-called "salvation government", Saleh said: "the government is a burden and not a prize, and the appointments and rotations should be made under the law and the Constitution", in a reference to the replacements of his supporters by Houthi members in the state institutions under their control.


Saleh noted that the public service is guaranteed by the Constitution, and no one, except the law, has the right remove or replace a public servant.

"Through you, government GPC ministers, I would like to address the ministers from Ansar Allah that there is no need for plots or using others' mistakes," Saleh added. Saleh also requested the State of Kuwait and the Gulf Cooperation Council to intervene and play a role in healing the rift with Saudi Arabia.

"I wish that the brotherly State of Kuwait, led by His Highness the Emir Sheikh Subah Al-Ahmad, would mediate to heal the rift between us and our brothers in the Saudi Arabia and put an end to the internal fighting."


"Some may say Saleh is appealing to the GCC, but I appeal to peace and I move in the direction of peace. I am for peace, security, and stability, as peace is the foundation.

I hope our brothers in the GCC would assist us in this period ," said Saleh.

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