Government forces: "Houthi reconnaissance plane shot down in Sana'a"

Government forces: "Houthi reconnaissance plane shot down in Sana'a"

The forces of the pro-Hadi government announced on Friday that a reconnaissance plane for the Houthi and allied forces was shot down in Nihm front, east of the capital Sana'a.


According to the Media Centre of the Popular Resistance in Sana'a governorate, pro-government forces, the government forces have shot down a remotely-controlled reconnaissance plane when it was flying close to their forces in Salab front in Nihm district, eastern Sana'a.


The government forces had earlier shot down minor reconnaissance and photography planes in different fronts that were used by the militias to survey the national army and popular resistance sites.


It is noteworthy that the Military Police Forces in Marib governorate had announced early this week that they had held a truck loaded with parts of planes used for surveillance purposes, and were likely on the way to the Houthi and allied forces, to be used for military purposes.

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