Houthi militias execute teacher in prison in Sana'a

Houthi militias execute teacher in prison in Sana'a

The Houthi militias have executed a teacher in of their prisons in Bani Matar district, west of the capital Sana'a.


According to a statement issued by the family of the deceased Ahmed al-Haj, he has been subjected to torture by the Houthi militias inside the prison after about three months of his abduction and imprisonment. 


The family said he was abducted early last September from his home in Shamlan area with his son and wife. 


The wife was released later, while the fate of al-Haj and his son was unknown, until the 12th of this December when the militias asked the family to collect al-Haj's corpse.


The family called on the Houthis to release the victim's son, who is still held, and held them responsible for his life.


The family also called on the international organizations and bodies to investigate the execution of the father in the prison, and asked the dignitaries and sheikhs to bring the killers to book.


The family also vowed to prosecute the perpetrators of the crime.

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