Government and international calls for transparent investigation into the death of journalist Mohammed Abdu al-Absi

Government and international calls for transparent investigation into the death of journalist Mohammed Abdu al-Absi

Yemeni Journalists Union announced the postponement of the burial of the Yemeni journalist Mohammed Abdu al-Absi, which was scheduled on Wednesday, after his death in mysterious circumstances in the capital Sana'a.


Al-Absi's family and the Yemeni Journalists Union have filed a complaint to the Attorney General demanding an autopsy.


One of al-Absi's relatives has stated to Almasdaronline that they have criminal suspicions about his sudden death.


Yemeni mass media have earlier quoted al-Absi's relative as saying that he died of a sudden heart failure while he was on the way to one of the city's hospitals.


The journalists' union have called on the competent authorities to conduct an investigation into the death of "al-Absi" and disclose its circumstances, especially after his family's request to postpone the burial until a medical report is issued stating the cause of death.


In a brief statement published by its member Nabil al Asyadi, the Union stressed that the entity that conducts the autopsy on journalist al-Absi should be an international committee from the Red Cross.


Al Asyadi said that information has reported that al-Absi died after eating a meal in a restaurant in Sana'a with one of his relatives, who had vomited blood also.


"Al-Absi's relative, his cousin, was still in the intensive care unit in a hospital in Sana'a."


Meanwhile, the Yemeni government, represented by the Ministries of Information and Human Rights, had called on the United Nations and the International Red Cross to urgently intervene to transfer the body of the journalist "Mohammed Abdu al-Absi" to the Yemen's interim capital Aden city, and supervise the autopsy, after doubts that he has been assassinated in the capital Sana'a, according to the Yemeni news agency "Saba".


Al-Absi is a prominent Yemeni journalist who has worked in the field of investigative journalism, publishing a series of reports on the administrative and financial corruption in the government sectors over the past years, especially in the oil, gas and electricity sectors, and arms deals.


"In the days before his death, the journalist al-Absi, who was working in one of the Ministry's institutions before the coup, was working on a statistical investigations on serious issues and documents that condemn the coup makers, especially documents related to oil and arms," said a statement released by the Information Ministry.


For its part, Reporters Without Borders expressed regret over the death of al-Absi, whose death has raised the doubts, and issued a brief statement on Twitter calling for an independent autopsy on al-Absi's corpse to investigate the cause of his death.


The Minister of Human Rights, Izz al-Din al-Asbahi, reminded of "the militia's violent approach in dealing with intellectuals and writers in Yemen, as there are reports of journalists and human rights activists exposed to systematic torture in secret basements belonging to the militia".


The Minister al-Asbahi added that these crimes will be legally pursued at the local and international levels and will never become obsolete. 


Human rights activists also published on social networking sites documents belonging to the journalist al-Absi revealing that Houthi leaders are owning oil companies operating in the black market


The journalist Mohammad al-Robu' also published documents which, he said, uncover that the Houthi spokesman, Mohammed Abdul Salam, is having an oil company called "Yemen Live" selling the oil in the black market in the areas under the Houthi control. 


"Al-Absi also told me that he could no longer post on his facebook page as he is under threat, and they have smashed his car and is under great pressure," added al-Robu'.  



It is noteworthy that al-Absi has worked as an editor for the Cultural appendix of al-Thawra government newspaper in 2004, and founded in 2010 the National Coalition Against the LNG deal. 


He also released a collection of poems titled "a drop when alone, a rain when together," of "Azmena" Publishing House in Amman, and has two collections under publication.


In the recent years, al-Absi has been active in writing on his blog, and in the "Assafeer al Arabi" appendix of the Lebanese "Assafeer" newspaper.

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