Government forces bomb Houthi sites in Marib

Government forces bomb Houthi sites in Marib

A local source in Marib governorate, east of the capital Sana'a, has said that

the government artillery shelled on Saturday Houthi and Saleh forces sites in Alsaq area of Hreib district in Marib governorate.


The source told Almasdaronline that the government artillery targeted the militants positions in Alsaq front, southeastern Marib, confirming that Houthi casualties had fallen in the shelling and military vehicles destroyed.


It is noteworthy that Alsaq area is the last area of Harib district in Marib where the Houthi militants still have presence.


Alsaq area is also adjacent to Bayhan district of Shabwa governorate, which is still under the control of the Houthi rebels and Saleh forces.A

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