Report: Houthis commit more than 18 thousand human rights violations in Hajjah

Report: Houthis commit more than 18 thousand human rights violations in Hajjah

A Human rights report said that the Houthis and Saleh forces have committed 18,667 violation against the civilians in Hajjah governorate, northwestern Yemen, since the beginning of this year.

The report, which was conducted by the Human Rights organizations Coalition, stated that the violations included murder, torture to death, enforced disappearance, kidnapping, displacement, storming houses and villages, looting of property, and confiscation of salaries.

The report pointed out that the number of victims of murder were 13 cases, either killed by torture or by improvised explosive devices, while the abduction and enforced disappearance cases have reached 618, mostly against human rights activists, as well as women and children.

"The number of the cases of torturing abductees were 432 cases which included torture to death, use of acid to burn the kidnapped, and brutal torture that resulted in paralysis and semi-permanent handicapping."

"The Houthis also violated the sanctity of 87 houses and 104 mosques and Holy Quran centers."

3161 violations were committed against childhood, by forcibly recruiting children and sending them to the fighting fronts, and 1169 other violations included the confiscation of rights, looting of civil and military staff salaries under the pretext of the so-called supporting the war, according to the report.

The report also mentioned a total number of 9150 cases of forced displacement and deportation.

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