Houthi Snipers continue taking the lives of civilians, Taiz

Houthi Snipers continue taking the lives of civilians, Taiz

The Houthi and Saleh forces snipers are going on taking the lives of the civilians all around Taiz governorate, southwestern Yemen.

A local source in the city told Almasderonline that Marwan Abdul Wahab AbdulRahman Nasr, 30 years old, was killed by a Houthi sniper in Alasaq hill of al Akarod district, southern Taiz.

The militia snipers prevented the people from doing their agricultural activities in al Akarod villages, and have intensified targeting the traffic in Haija Alabd road of al Ahkoom mountains, during the past 24 hours, according to the source.

It is worth mentioning that most of the snipers victims were women and children, and the number of the victims of the snipers in Taiz have reached nearly 20 dead persons and 49 wounded, according to human rights reports.

Almasderonline has reported the most notable crimes of the Houthi and allied forces snipers during this December all around Taiz governorate, as follows:

- The 45 year-old woman Noor Mohammed Ghalib, from the marginalized class was killed on December 25 in Hathran area, western Taiz city.

- The 5 year-old Reham Sameer al-Alimi, child girl, was killed and her father wounded on December 17 while passing by Najd Albard school.

- The 70 year-old Noor Ahmed Mohammed Taha, an old woman, was killed on December 17 in Bata'a village of Saber Almawadim district.

- The Injury of the16 year-old Nabiha Ali on December 10 outside her house in Maqbanah district, western Taiz.

- - The Injury of the 40 year-old Mohammed Abdo Hail Hamoud on December 5 in Bir Basha neighborhood, western Taiz.

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