Government forces control new sites eastern capital Sana'a

Government forces control new sites eastern capital Sana'a

The government forces have seized control of new sites that were under the control of the Houthi and Saleh forces in Nihm district, eastern capital Sana'a.

A military source told Almasderonline that the government forces and the popular resistance controlled on Tuesday the al Hamara and al Sowda hills near the center of Nihm district.

"Earlier, the government and pro-government forces have fended off Houthi and Saleh forces attacks on recently controlled sites, while the coalition fighters also waged several airstrikes on several sites for the repels in the same district".

The government forces also fended off a fierce attack waged by the repels on Qarn Wadaa mount and al Nahdeen hills; repels' sites recently controlled by the government forces, according to the source.

"The Houthi and Saleh militias were badly beaten by the government forces artillery attacks as well as the coalition fighters aerial bombardment, under which they suffered huge losses in lives and equipment".

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