Coalition fighters bomb Houthis camp in Hodeida

Coalition fighters bomb Houthis camp in Hodeida

 Eyewitnesses said on Friday that the fighters of the Saudi-led Arab Coalition had launched several air raids on Houthis and Saleh forces sites in Hodeida governorate, western Yemen.


Almasderonline reporter quoted eyewitnesses as saying that the fighters had bombed the Combat School in al Dhuha district, northern Hodeida, which is controlled by the Houthis, but and no further details about the casualties were mentioned.


It is noteworthy that the coalition fighters have intensified the aerial bombardment during the past few days on the Houthis and allied forces in Hodeida governorate and the western coastal areas of Yemen.


The aerial bombing have come in coincidence with a military operation waged by the government forces, backed by the coalition forces, to liberate the western coast of Yemen and secure Bab el Mandeb Strait.

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