Coalition fighters bomb Houthi sites western Yemen

Coalition fighters bomb Houthi sites western Yemen

Eyewitnesses and local residents said that the fighters of the Saudi-led Arab Coalition launched on Sunday several air strikes on the Houthis and Saleh forces sites in Hodeida governorate, western Yemen.


Eyewitnesses told Almasdaronline that the fighters launched on Sunday about 10 airstrikes on al Jbanah military site of the Coastal Defense camp near al Sham checkpoint.


The sources added that the fighters launched four other raids on Houthis locations in the Naval College in al Kathib.


The intensive air raids on the Houthis and allied forces sites in Hodeida come in coincidence with a government forces military operation, backed by the Arab Coalition forces, launched to liberate the western coasts of Yemen that overlook the Red Sea, and to secure the international navigation lines and Bab el-Mandeb Strait.


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