Battles and artillery shelling near al Mocha

Battles and artillery shelling near al Mocha

Fierce battles associated with artillery and missiles shelling have intensified between the government forces and Houthi and Saleh forces northern Dhubab district, near al Mocha coastal city of Taiz governorate, southwestern Yemen.


A local source told Almasaronline that the militias have intensified the artillery and missiles shelling on the government forces sites in al Jadid, al Gafir, and al Kadahah areas.


On the other side, the government forces artillery have bombed the Houthi and allied forces locations northern Dhubab which is adjacent to al Mocha city, and prevented them from gathering again in the fire lines.


At the same time, the engineering teams were clearing the landmines in the liberated sites in al Jadid, al Gafir areas, and in the road that links between the coastal road and al kadaha area in preparation to advance towards al Mocha.


Meanwhile, the fighters of the Saudi-led Arab Coalition launched on Wednesday evening two raids on the militias sites in Khaled Ibn Al Waleed military camp eastern Mawa district.


The Houtis and Saleh militias, on the other hand, have transferred the Katyusha rocket launchers from northern Dhubab to al Mocha and Mawza districts, and deployed many of their troops in al Mocha coastal areas.

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