A source tells Almasdaronline details of the US military raid in al Bayda, central Yemen

A source tells Almasdaronline details of the US military raid in al Bayda, central Yemen

A local source from Yakla village of Qaifah district in al Bayda governorate, central Yemen, has given the details of the US military raid, which led to the killing of al Qaeda leader Abdul Rauf al Thahab, as well as other militants.


The source told Almasdaronline that dozens of Apache helicopters and unmanned aircrafts flew to the village at two o'clock Sunday morning.


The source pointed out that the helicopters began striking with rockets a school, mosque, clinic and prison; the sites of al Qaeda militants in the village.


The helicopters, then, dropped commandos in the village, who, after few minutes, were attacking Abdul Rauf al Thahab house, and fierce fighting with the militants flared up, and violent explosions were heard”.


According to the source, the fighter jets were bombing with thermal machine guns al Thahab’s house and other al Qaeda presumed locations.


It was a lightning operation, and the US soldiers returned to their fighters, and the fighting was over”. The source added.  


The military operation resulted in the killing of Abdul Rauf al Thahab and his brother Sultan, in addition to 40 others, mostly al Qaeda militants, including six women and three children”.


The source also said that there were casualties among the US soldiers, whom were seen carrying bodies to the helicopters.


However, the source did not mention a specific toll for the casualties.


The source noted that dozens were injured in the violent attack and the death toll could increase.


It is noteworthy that this operation, the first of its kind, came days after the US president Donald Trump assumed office.


Al Tahab was the popular resistance leader in the war against the Houthi group militants and the forces loyal to the former president Saleh in Qaifah district since the beginning of 2015.


The Apache fighter jets and US drones were flying heavily on the districts of al Bayda during the last night, but did not launch any airstrike


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