Government forces seize Houthi sites in Haradh

Government forces seize Houthi sites in Haradh

The government forces in the Fifth Military Region said that they have regained control of military sites near Haradh city of Hajja governorate on Monday in a limited military operation.


The Fifth Military Region Media Centre wrote on Facebook that the government forces regained control of sites in al Madahesha area, and were advancing towards Haradh city.


The government forces are advancing towards the western parts of Haradh and to the Midi city.”


The center added that 7 militants from the Houthis and the forces loyal to ex-president Saleh were killed and others injured.


“4 Houthi militants were also held captives, and a BMB military vehicle was destroyed, while dozens of Houthis had left their positions leaving behind military equipment and ammunition”.

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