Houthis Abduct four civilians in northern Sana’a

Houthis Abduct four civilians in northern Sana’a

Eyewitnesses and local residents in Hamdan district, in northern the capital Sana'a, said that the Houthi and Saleh forces staged an abduction campaign on Monday in the Dharwan village.



In identical statements, the local residents told Almasdaronline that the rebels stormed Dharwan village with a number of vehicles and abducted four civilians opposing the rebels’ coup against the legitimate government authorities.


The sources pointed out that the abducted people are the two brothers, Abdullah and Habib Lutf Mohammed, while the two others are Suhaib Awadh Heba and Fahmi Sarhan.


The abduction comes one day after a similar process, in which Houthi rebels have snatched tribal leader Mohamed Ahmed al-Jaiyfi, one of the elders of al Jaiyf area in the district of Hamdan itself, and took everyone to an unknown destination.


Previously, the Houthi rebels have continuously staged raids and abductions in the district.


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