Coalition airstrikes intensified in western Taiz

Coalition airstrikes intensified in western Taiz

Warplanes from the Saudi-led Arab coalition were back on Thursday evening to strike once again positions under pro-Houthi/Saleh forces in both districts of Mocha and Mawza', in western Taiz.


Sources from the field told Almasdaronline that the coalition's warplanes targeted ordnance and militias in the Khaled Ben Al Waleed military Camp in downtown Mawza', confirming that several were killed while others were injured and taken to a field clinic near the camp.


Also on the same day, positions in Yakhtol area, in northern Mocha district, were hit by two airstrikes, while a position near Al Saeed School in downtown Mocha was hit with one airstrike. Two other airstrikes hit a depot in a military camp of the coastal sector, near the Mocha seaport, and clouds of smoke were seen billowing from the place.


These airstrikes occurred as sporadic clashes between the putschist militias and pro-government forces were taking place in eastern and southern Mocha. Both sides were using light and heavy weapons, and clashes were expected to intensify in the next hours.


In a related development, tens of families had to leave their homes from the eastern entrance of Mocha, and were seen heading for Mawza' district. This came as a response to calls by the pro-government forces to save the local people, especially after militiamen have set up trenches in residential areas, and used human shields.


Moreover, the coalition's warplanes launched six airstrikes on positions under pro-Houthi/Saleh forces, which are located between Dhubab and Al Wazi'yah districts, in western Taiz.


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