Houthis mourn leading figure after one year of his killing

Houthis mourn leading figure after one year of his killing

Houthi activists and field leaders were trading condolences for the death of the leading figure, Taha Al Madani, over one year and a half of his killing while fighting against popular resistance forces.


Abdul Malek Al Wadie, a Houthi leading member who was close to Al Madani, wrote on his Facebook page: "Yes Sir, as if war was only to perpetuate heroes like you ... More than a year of your departure, yet we long you!"


"Sleep! You are the maker of victory; your comrades in jihad are shaking Riyadh. You have our word that we will continue marching on the path," he added


In his comments, Al Wadie indicated that Al Madani was killed in battles that took place in Al Anad military base.  


Pro-Houthi activists also posted pictures of Al Madani, along with  mourning expressions.


According to an insider, it's likely that Al Madani was killed in clashes with the popular resistance forces in Damt town, north of Dhalea' province, in southern Yemen, but the group seemed to hide his death.  


The Houthi group had appointed Al Madani — the elder brother of senior leader Yousif Al Madani, as a supervisor of the interior ministry, and a member on the supreme military committee that was formed one day following the Houthi declaration of constitution, in early 2015.

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