Air raids strike near Hodeida port, “to warn the vessels not to stay”

Air raids strike near Hodeida port, “to warn the vessels not to stay”

The fighter jets of the Saudi-led Arab Coalition launched several raids on a military site and on an old radar near the port of Hodeida on the Red Sea coast, western Yemen, according to a navigation source.


The source told Almasdaronline that the missiles targeted, for the third time, a Coastal Guards site and an old radar.


Firing the missiles near to the port may be a warning for the port staff and ships to evacuate the site, especially after the clashes in the western coastal strip of Yemen have approached, and the pro-government forces advanced towards the port, according to the source.


The source pointed out that the Nay of the Saudi-led Arab Coalition had also prevented the ships from berthing in the harbor.


A record for the port activities, Almasdaronline got copy of it, shows that there were only two ships in the harbor, while there were more than 15 ships, some of them have been waiting for a month, that want to enter the port harbor.


A number of commercial vessels diverted to the port of Aden city, the interim capital of Yemen, according to source.


It is noteworthy that the Yemeni government had decided to reduce the customs duties by 50% in the Aden port, in an effort to revive the port and attract the commercial ships from the Houthi-controlled Hodeida port, which may temporarily close down due to the clashes in the western coasts.


The government also said that a number of ships inspected in Djibouti by the UN team and were heading to Hodeida port had diverted to Aden port.

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