Saudi army and Houthis clashes renew

Saudi army and Houthis clashes renew

The fighting between the forces loyal to the Houthi group and former president Ali Abdullah Saleh and the Saudi army renewed on Wednesday in the areas on the Yemeni-Saudi borders.


A source in the field told Almasdaronline that the fighting broke out in the areas off the Saudi Jizan governorate, and violent explosions were heard.


Meanwhile, the Houthis say they have been making military gains since the outbreak of the war in early 2015, but those gains were not more than limited sites in the mountains nearby Saada governorate, the stronghold of the group, far north of Yemen.


On the one hand, the Houthis have failed in mobilizing fighters in Razih district west of Saada, near the borders.


Local residents said that the Houthis have staged a protest in the villages of Razih and asked the people to support the warfronts with fighters.


However, at the end of the protest, only 10 under-15 years children joined the militiamen”.

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