7Houthis killed after renewed fighting in Dhamar

7Houthis killed after renewed fighting in Dhamar
A source in the field said that the fighting between the Houthis-Saleh forces with the Popular Resistance have renewed in Halfan region of Otomah district in western Dhamar governorate, central Yemen.
The source told Almasdaronline that the fighting broke out on Saturday night after the arrival of reinforcements for the Houthis from Dhamar city, Madinat al Sharq area in Anis district, and from al Qafr district of Ibb governorate, and the fighting was going on. 
The source added that seven of the Houthis militiamen were killed and others wounded. 
The source did not refer to fall of casualties from the Popular Resistance side.
Meanwhile, the Popular Resistance have declared that the Houthis and allied forces’ sites will be a target for the Popular Resistance fighters and the fighter jets of the Saudi-led Arab Coalition, warning the civilians from staying nearby those sites.
Two nights before, the Houthis kidnapped two civilians, Jamil Ali Ghalib and Kamal Mohammed Ahmed, from al Marqib village.

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