Taiz: Houthis bomb seven houses, displace hundreds of citizens

Taiz: Houthis bomb seven houses, displace hundreds of citizens

The militants of the Houthi-Saleh forces bombed on Sunday seven houses and displaced about one hundred families from their houses in Tabisha'a area in northern Jabal Habashi district, western Taiz city, southwestern Yemen.


A local source told Almasdaronline that the Houthi rebels had bombed the houses that belong to al Thaer, al Agdal, al Qatamah, Raof Ghalib, Mohammed Ghalib, Hasan al Hown, and Fouad al Thaer families in Tabisha'a village.


The source added that nearly one hundred families were displaced from their houses, fifty of whom were distributed on the villages of the district, while the rest were displaced to Taiz city.


Meanwhile, the Houthis and Saleh militants have been imposing a siege on the villages of Mawliah, al Anin, Qashibah, Bani Khailah, al Mahsha, and al Qahafah in Bilad al Wafi district and blocking al Ramadah road since two months,.


Imposing the blockade on Bilad al Wafi area, northern Jabal Habashi district, was due to being close to the road that links between Taiz and Hodeida governorates, and came also after violent clashes with the pro-government forces.


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