YJS: abducted Journalists suffer diseases due to torture, deprived of treatment

YJS: abducted Journalists suffer diseases due to torture, deprived of treatment

The member of the Yemeni Journalists Syndicate (YJS), Nabil al Usaydi, said that the journalist Taysir al Samey is being tortured in the detention camp in the capital Sana'a, and his health is in constant deterioration due to the torture.


Al Usaydi, who is head of the YJS Training Committee posted on Facebook that the journalists kidnapped by the Houthi-Saleh militias are in a very bad health condition.


''According to information, the journalist Abdul Khaliq Imran is suffering from backache, stomach, and hearing problem, while the colleague Akram al Waledi needs to a hemorrhoids operation and colon treatment”.


The journalist Haitham al Shehab is also suffering a severe cough and chest pain, and Tawfik al Mansouri is suffering severe pain in the eyes that he can no longer see by one eye, with pains also in his teeth, back and arthritis”.


The journalist Salah al Qaedi is also suffering from pain in his ears and cannot hear very well because of torture, while our colleague Essam Bulgaith and Hisham al Yousfi suffer from backache and pains in the arthritis chest”.


Al Usaydi pointed out that the information received by the Syndicate says that all the kidnapped journalists are suffering from severe amebae because of the lack of the simple moral and humanitarian needs.


Al Usaydi also expressed the YJS’s condemnation of these systematic violations practiced against the kidnapped journalists.


Al Usaydi held the authorities in Sana’a responsible for the fate of the journalists, and calling on them to immediately release them.


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