Houthi leader accused of abducting children, sending them to borders to fight

Houthi leader accused of abducting children, sending them to borders to fight

Locals in Sunainah neighborhood in western the capital Sana’a said that the militant of the Houthi group had kidnapped a group of children, sent them to the Yemeni-Saudi borders and forced them to fight in their ranks.


The International Alliance for Defending rights and freedoms (AIDL) had published a communication from parents complaining about the abduction and compulsory recruitment of their under aged children, whom are sent to the war fronts without their parents’ consent or even knowledge, since the month of February 2016.


The parents accused, according to the communication, the so-called Ahmed Mohammed Ismail al Awadhi, a resident of Sunainah neighborhood who is member of the Houthi group, of carrying out abduction and forced recruitment of their children, and send them to the battlefronts in the Yemeni borders.


Al Awadi, known as Abu Ali, is an operator of recruitment of children for the Houthi group, and was reported to the Houthis authorities in Sanaa but no avail.


According to the communication, the abducted children are Osama Ahmed al Awami, Amir Mahmoud Sinan, Hatem Yahya al-Awami, and Abdullah Mohammed Badi.


The parents contacted Mutahhar al Houthi, the so-called Houthis supervisor in al Sunainah area, who said that Ahmed Al Awadi does not follow anyone and works by his own in collecting the children and sending them directly to fight in the Najran front.


AIDL also strongly condemned the recruitment of children in Yemen, and sending them to the war.


It is a crime that calls for international prosecution and follow-up for those involved considering them as war criminals”.


The alliance, which is based in France, added that it had received many reports and complaints stating the fact that the Houthi group and other parties are involved in the recruitment of children and young people.


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