Most prominent Houthi leader in Otuma killed in an ambush

Most prominent Houthi leader in Otuma killed in an ambush

A prominent leader in the forces loyal to the Houthi group and ex-president Saleh was killed on Sunday in an ambush set by the popular resistance fighters in Otuma district in southwestern Dhamar governorate.


A source in the field told Almasdaronline that the popular resistance elements had set an ambush for the prominent leader Abu Yahya al Hamati while driving his car in Haifan area of Otuma, where fierce clashes have been flaring.


Al Hamati who is originally from Saada governorate, Houthis’ stronghold far northern Yemen, is a prominent security leader in Dhamar, a field leader in Otuma confrontations, and the general supervisor of the Houthis in Mayfaah Ans district.


Al Hamati is also in charge of the recruitment of elements in the Houthi group and sending them to Otuma front.


On the other hand, a local source in Otuma said that Houthi militants had stormed some of the shops in the areas under their control, and looted them completely.


The Houthis stormed a pharmacy for Dr. Ahmed al Jubaili in Souq al Thaloth area, and the shop of his brother Taha in al Mindari and looted them.”


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