Pro-government forces advance towards Khaled camp western Taiz

Pro-government forces advance towards Khaled camp western Taiz

A military source said that the pro-government forces advanced Tuesday in the direction of the Khalid ben al Waleed camp, which is located in the center of Mawza district in western Taiz province, southwest of Yemen.


The source told Almasdaronline that the pro-government forces’ advancement came in conjunction with intensive rocket and artillery bombardment on the locations of the Houthi-Saleh forces around the camp and on the road linking between eastern al Mokha and the camp.


The source added that the pro-government forces have secured the mountainous hills in western Mawza.


The pro-government forces’ advancement also came after clearing hundreds of landmines on the roads leading to the camp.”


On the other hand, the fighter jets of the Saudi-led Arab Coalition launched during the past two days more than forty raid on the Houthis’ positions in the camp and other areas in the district.


It is noteworthy that Khalid camp is one of the vital strategic locations on Yemen’s western coasts, and seizing it will enable the pro-government forces to secure al Mokha city, and cut the Houthis supply line between the western of Taiz and Hodeida, western Yemen.


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