Source: Otuma resistance leader arrives in Mareb, Houthis take over

Source: Otuma resistance leader arrives in Mareb, Houthis take over

The leader of the popular resistance in the Otuma district of Dhamar governorate, central Yemen, Abdulwahab Mawadhah accompanied by other prominent figures have retreated to the city of Marib, east of Sanaa, after the Houthis militiamen and the forces loyal to ex-president Saleh have taken over the district.


According to a source in the popular resistance, Mawadhah have retreated to Marib city, the stronghold of the pro-government forces and popular resistance, following a large attack by Houthis and allied forces with heavy artillery, and the collusion of tribal leaders in the region.


However, the source did not give details about Mawadhah’s retreat, who took the road from the west to the east of Dhamar, which comes under the Houthis control.


According to the source, Farouk al samhi, Mawadhah’s relative, was the main colluding person with the Houthis and Saleh forces.



The Houthis depended on professional military teams of the Republican Guards Special Forces, which have absolute loyalty to former President Ali Abdullah Saleh, according to the source.


After two years of fierce resistance, the Houthis have controlled the Otuma district and blown up a number of houses of leaders in the resistance and two archaeological forts, one of them belongs to the family of Mawadhah.


16 members of the popular resistance were killed and dozens wounded in the fighting since it erupted about three weeks ago, while dozens of militants from the Houthis and allied forces were killed. According to the source.


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