Houthis storm houses, abduct civilians in Otuma villages

Houthis storm houses, abduct civilians in Otuma villages

A local source in Otuma district in western Dhamar governorate, central Yemen, said that the militants of the Houthi group and Saleh forces have waged intense campaigns of arresting and storming and looting of houses of civilians, days after they have seized control of the district.


The source pointed out that the Houthis have abducted more than a 100 person on charges of supporting the popular resistance, and took them to an unknown destination.


The source added that the Houthis carried out delicate searching and widespread looting for civilians’ houses in al Shamr region, “in search for the weapons owned by the popular resistance leader Mawadhah, who has moved to Marib city”.


The campaign included the commercial shops, cars, and motorcycles of the civilians”.


The source called on the pro-Houthi tribal leaders in the area to stand against the Houthis’ campaign “that violated the sanctity of the houses and spread panic among the women and children.


Few days back, dozens of Houthi militants on six military vehicles came to Lakam village, stormed the houses, and were searching the houses until dawn of the next day, after looting everything they could”. Added the source.


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