Two children killed, press reporter injured in gunfire incidents in Taiz

Two children killed, press reporter injured in gunfire incidents in Taiz

Two children were killed on Monday by the gunfire of unknown gunmen in Senah neighborhood in western Taiz city, southwestern Yemen, and a press reporter was injured in another incident by other unknown gunmen fire in Jamal Street central the city.


A security source told Almasdaronline that two children, Suleiman Basheer al Raimi and Alawi Taha Mohammed, were killed after unknown gunmen have opened the fire on them in Senah area.


However, no information about the reasons behind the incident was mentioned by the source.


The perpetrators were arrested by the forces of Abu al Abbas Battalions, a Salafi entity in the popular resistance, and will be referred to the competent authorities. The source added.


In another incident, unknown gunmen opened the fire on the press crew of al Ghad al Moshreq TV channel in Jamal Street in Taiz city, and the reporter Jamal al Shari was injured.   


The cameraman Akram al Raseni posted on Facebook that gunmen have opened the fire indiscriminately on the press crew while returning from filming a report.



I suffered slight bruises after falling down because of the people’s rushing, and my colleague was injured by shrapnel of bullets hit only few feet away from us”.


It is noteworthy that the neighborhoods under the control of the government forces and popular resistance are in the city are witnessing major security imbalances, while human rights activists are calling on the local authorities to stabilize the security situation.


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