Abducted Eman returned to her family by tribal mediation – source

Abducted Eman returned to her family by tribal mediation – source

A local source in Hazm al Udain district of Ibb province, central Yemen, said that the authorities of the Houthi group have returned the abducted child girl Eman to her family, three days after releasing the kidnaper, who is a pro-Houthis tribal leader in Hubaish district of the same province.


The girl’s brother Ahmed al Zawani told Almasdaronline that the 12- year-old Eman was handed over to her father after she has been in abduction for 54 days, during which the authorities of Ibb province were prolonging to put pressure for her release.


The kidnaper Abdullah Zaid had earlier abducted Eman while she was going home from school in al Jubjub village in Hazm al Udain, and took her to Hubaish then to Dhamar city, in order to force her marry his son.


Al Zawani pointed out that his sister had returned “after several mediations, repeated demands by the locals, and a popular condemnation and resentment towards the abduction crime”, and called for bringing the perpetrators to book to receive the heaviest penalties.


It is noteworthy that the abduction of the young girl Eman has stirred widespread resentment and has been the focus of public opinion, which put pressure on the Houthi group, given the kidnapper belongs to it, to return the girl to her family.


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