Second suicide of government staff within two weeks in Dhamar

 Second suicide of government staff within two weeks in Dhamar

A local source in Otuma district of Dhamar province, central Yemen, said that for unknown reasons a government employee has committed suicide by shooting himself in a mosque


The government employee Mutea Qaid Mohammed, 30, fired two shots on himself from his gun after performing al Fajr prayers at his village mosque on Wednesday morning. According to the local source


Although the cause was not known, the source said that Mutea was experiencing difficult living conditions not receiving his salary, as is the case with all government staff, for more than seven months.


Qaid works in the Education Ministry’s office, and his family consists of a wife and a number of children”.


This is the second suicide incident in Dhamar province within the last two weeks, after Mohammad Mahdi, a government employee, had burned himself with petrol, but survived with severe first degree burns.


The suffering of the government employees has been exacerbated by the suspension of their salaries for the seventh month in a row, worsening the situation of a large segment of Yemeni society.


International organizations had reported that more than 80% of Yemenis are in need for urgent food assistance.


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