Houthis-Saleh militants abduct university professor in Sanaa

Houthis-Saleh militants abduct university professor in Sanaa

The militants of the Houthi group and forces loyal former president Saleh abducted a professor of Sana’a University, a source at the Sana’a University Faculty Union said Thursday.


The union source, who preferred anonymity for security reasons, told Almasdaronline that the militants abducted Prof. Ahmed Muqbel, Professor of Islamic Studies at Sana'a University's Faculty of Education.


"The professor came out of his house in the Andalus neighborhood, north of the capital Sana’a, to perform the al Dhuhr prayer last Tuesday, when the militants attacked him and abducted him to an unknown destination”. Added the source.


The source pointed out that Muqbel’s family had kept silent about the news, hoping that the Houthis would release him through local intermediaries.


The source also said that the Houthi group, which controls the capital Sana’a, refused to disclose the whereabouts of Prof. Muqbel, nor gave reasons for his abduction.


The Sana’a University Faculty Union has condemned “the arrest of one of the union's members, and demanded the immediate release of Prof. Muqbel and all faculty members fellows, whom were arrested in violation of the Constitution and the law”.


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