Aden police seizes Shiite-promoting books container heading to Sanaa

Aden police seizes Shiite-promoting books container heading to Sanaa

The Police Department of the southern Aden city, the interim capital of Yemen, said on Wednesday they had seized a container loaded with pamphlets promoting the Shi'ite thought, on its way to the Houthis group in the capital Sanaa.


The police said in a statement that the soldiers of the al-Arish checkpoint had seized the “container loaded with pamphlets, slogans, cards and medals promoting the lost thought of the Shiite, before unloading it in the stores of a merchant in al-Arish area of Khor Maksar district”.


The container was on the way to be unloaded in the storehouse, before transferring it to Sanaa,” according to investigations.


"The information was reported by citizens living near the storehouse, outside which the pamphlets were seized, which belongs to one of the big traders," said the al Arish Police Chief Maher Mahmoud Akash.


"A force from the al Airsh Security Department, led by the CID Director Mohammed al-Nemes, moved, arrested the driver of the truck, and confiscated the shipment, which contained large quantities of pictures of Shiite leaders, booklets, cards, medals and slogans hidden tightly inside ready-made clothes," Akash said.


The military authorities in al-Muhara province, southeastern Yemen, had earlier seized a shipment of books promoting the Shiite Twelveth ideology, which is rejected by all Yemenis, including those affiliated with the Zaydi doctrine.

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