Houthis bomb loyal Sheikh’s house in Ibb – source

Houthis bomb loyal Sheikh’s house in Ibb – source

A local source said that the militants of the Houthi group bombed on Monday the house of a pro-Houthis tribal Sheikh in al Udain district of Ibb province.


Since Sunday evening until Monday morning, armed confrontations were flaring up in Al Udain district center between gunmen belonging to Sheikh Hamid Mohammed Qaid Jabbah, a pro-Houthi Sheikh, and Houthi militants, in which a number of militants were wounded, according to the source.


The clashes ended up by Jabbah fleeing the area, and the Houthis bombing his house”.


The clashes between the two sides broke out due to financial disputes between Sheikh Jabbah and the Houthis-Saleh militants over royalties and levies imposed on citizens and dealers in al Udain”. Added the source.


It is noteworthy that the Houthi militias have attracted a group of influential figures in the area, including Jabbah, who worked for the group during the past period, before the dispute with him recently aggravated to an armed confrontation.


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