Al-Bayda: clashes renew, two civilians injured by Houthis shelling

Al-Bayda: clashes renew, two civilians injured by Houthis shelling

A local source in al-Bayda province said that two citizens were injured by artillery bombardment of the Houthis-Saleh forces on the province’s districts.


The source said that the wife of Sadiq al-Humeikani was injured on Thursday evening when a Houthi-fired shell hit their house in the al Mohsin al Saeed area in al-Zaher district.


Nayef Abed Rabbo Abu Surimah was also wounded by the Houthi-Saleh militants shelling on the people’s farms in al-Qurishiyah district”.


Another local source also confirmed that the Houthis bombarded on Friday evening the people’s farms in Al Masaeda Valley in Thi Kalib village of al Qurishiyah district, which led to the injury of Nayef Abu Surimah while he was working at his farm.


On the other hand, the clashes between the Popular Resistance forces and the Houthis-Saleh militants renewed on Friday morning in the fronts of al Noqtah, Qatif al Baer, al Mokhtabi, and al Adiaya of Dhi Naem district. The source added.


The clashes broke out after the Houthi militants had attempted to infiltrate to one of the sites of the Poplar Resistance fighters, who fended off the Houthis and forced them to retreat, with no casualties reported in the clashes”.


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