Fierce battles near Mozza, northern Khalid camp in Taiz - source

Fierce battles near Mozza, northern Khalid camp in Taiz - source

Heavy fighting and artillery shelling intensified on Friday evening between the pro-government forces and the Houthis-Saleh militants near the center of Mozza district and northern Khalid military camp, western Taiz city.


A source in the field told Almasdaronline that violent confrontations using various weapons between the two sides had broken out northern Khalid military camp and in al Jubail area, near Mozza district center.


Meanwhile, the Saudi-led Arab Coalition aircrafts also launched several air raids on Houthis’ reinforcements and gatherings around Khalid camp and in the center of Mozza.


The source pointed out that the coalition aircrafts launched five airstrikes on the rebels’ reinforcements in al Asforia area near Khalid military camp, killing 9 and wounding 12 Houthi militants, and destroying four military vehicles.


The coalition aircrafts also launched three air raids on Houthis reinforcements in al Nujaybat area and four raids on Jabal al-Sultan area near Mozza center, which resulted in a number of casualties’’.


It is noteworthy that the coalition aircrafts have launched dozens of air raids on Houthis’ sites in Mozza district during the past two days, as well as more than 12 missiles launched by the coalition battleships on their sites in Khalid camp.


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